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Periodontal Dentistry in Concord, CA

If you are suffering from any symptoms of gum disease, it is important to receive treatment as soon as possible. Contact the experts at Chestnut Square Dental to make an appointment. We have the services you need.

Periodontal Dentistry in Alameda, CA

What is Gum Disease?

Periodontitis, also known as gum disease, affects nearly half of all adults. The first symptoms you might see are inflamed and swollen gums. Left untreated, the symptoms can become more serious. Periodontitis is caused by long-term exposure to tartar, bacteria and plaque. We strongly recommend receiving treatment for periodontitis during this time, as the condition will worsen if left untreated.

What Happens When You Have Gum Disease?

Eventually, your gums will pull away from the teeth. This creates spaces known as pockets. These spaces can become infected which allows the condition to spread throughout the mouth and do serious damage including bone deterioration and tooth loss.

What Gum Disease Treatments do You Offer?

At Chestnut Square Dental, we are proud to offer gum disease treatment in Concord, California. We offer treatment for all stages of gum disease including scaling and root planing, gum graft surgery, dental crown lengthening, gingivectomy, root surface debridement, pocket reduction, osseous surgery, ridge preservation, regenerative procedures, sinus lift and bone grafting.

Is Gum Disease Treatment Expensive?

Each case is unique, and depending on the stage of your condition and the procedures necessary, cost of treatment will vary. We accept most dental insurance programs in our area, and we do offer financing options. To learn more, set up a consultation with our team.

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Our expert team can treat gingivitis (inflammation of the gums) as well as periodontitis (gum and bone disease). We offer a wide variety of services to help you regain your dental health.

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